Can’t prove income? If you have good credit, and don’t owe Revenue Canada, you can get great low rates if you have 10% down. Conditions are a bit tougher now, so each application is rated on an individual basis. If you can prove income, you may qualify with 5% down.


Court Ordered Foreclosures are almost the opposite to a regular sale in BC. Usually the lender takes possession on behalf of the court, but does not take title. You must buy with no subjects, "as is", not on the day you look at the property (if you are fortunate to see the interior at all), but the day you take possession. It could be trashed as the pictures don't always show the damage. 

Bank Owned foreclosures are close to a normal sale or a mix of a court ordered sale and a regular sale.  If the property has been completely taken over by the lender including the title, it may be like a regular sale and subject to usual real estate rules. Often the lender takes over the property but doesn't take title in which case the sale is subject to court approval. Sometimes the lender takes over the property, and takes title at, or just before the court hearing. So you need to know the exact legal process involved to protect your rights. Lenders typically take title to the property when there is no hope of recovering any shortfall. 

Common mistakes:

1) Not knowing all the steps involved and losing out on a good deal by not being pre-approved

2) Buying a Bank owned property and thinking it's a court ordered sale

3) Paying too much at the court hearing by getting into a bidding war

4) Under- estimating the renovation costs and the time it takes to complete the renos

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Facing Foreclosure or legal action

If you are facing Foreclosure, don’t go it alone. We can help you get to know your rights, and we can help you in dealing with the lender, or their lawyers. If it looks like there will be a shortfall, don't despair, most lenders want to work with you to make a sale happen, rather than face a larger deficit later. Don’t assume there is no hope, and don’t believe all you hear. Give us a call and let’s talk.


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 First Time Buyer - News


  • Applicants have not owned a principal residence in the past 5yrs (rental properties excluded)
  • You must live in the property for at least a year
  • Each applicant can withdraw up to $35,000 (3/19/19)
  • Funds not restricted to down payment, may be used as part of closing costs, or any other purpose - anything at all - like buying a boat or a car, instead of paying it down on the mortgage
  • RRSP MUST have been invested for more than 90 days before you withdraw it, to qualify.
  • If you enter into an agreement to buy a home before the 90 days is up, then you must make sure the completion date is no more than 30 days before your RRSP is withdrawn. 
  • Repayment (to yourself - your RRSP account) is over a maximum of 15yrs (no interest). You can pay it back quicker -even a lump sum, anytime. On $35k, minmum payments are $2333 P/A or $195 per month. If you don't pay back the minimum to your RRSP in any year, then you have to report the unpaid balance of the annual amount due each year to CRA as income.  


  • Applicants have not owned a principal residence anywhere in the world.
  • Maximum purchase price in Lower Mainland on an existing home is $500,000 (pro-rated up to $525k).
  • On a newly built home the maximum purchase price is $750,000(pro-rated up to $800k)
  • Otherwise you pay the BC Gov’t a property transfer tax on an existing home based on 1% of the 1st $200k, and 2% of balance of the purchase price up to $2mil. Then 3% on the balance over $2mil. 
  • May qualify for 50% reduction in tax if one of the joint applicants is a first time buyer
  • Canadian citizen and resident of BC for one year
  • Must be your principal residence for one year

* BC Property Transfer Tax Rules

* Newly Built Homes up to $750k 

All BC Permanent Resident Canadian citizens (including First Time Buyers) may qualify for an exemption up to $13k to the Provincial Property Transfer Tax on the purchase of a newly built BC principal residence up to $750k. The exemption is adjusted downward between $750 and $800k. 

Homes over $2milion are taxed at 3% on the purchase balance over $2mil. 

change - Homes over $3 million are now taxed at 5% 

 * Helpful Tips for the First Time Home Buyer

Buying a house is a good investment!

* No Capital Gains

A house is a solid investment that is difficult to match. Why? Any capital gains that accrue and are

realized on the sale of a principal residence are tax free — your money, 100%!

* Why Rent? 

At todays low rates almost half of your mortgage payment goes to principal. So every time you make a $1500 mortgage payment about $750 goes to principal. It's like putting $750 into your bank account each month. The net cost is $750 a month plus property taxes, and/or strata. So can you really afford to rent?

*5% Down

You do not need the full purchase price to own a home. Whether you are a first timer or repeat buyer you may qualify for as little as 5% down payment to purchase or in some cases zero down. This is a great way to leverage your investments and increase the quality of your life at the same time.

* Let us Help You

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This is only a guide. For accurate information on a given situation, please check with our web site, and other professionals, including an Accountant, Lawyer, Notary, Realtor, or Canada Customs & Revenue Agency. Call us with any questions.